Avila College

Avila College

In 1965, the college was founded. Avila College is proud to have a tradition of teaching girls in fostering curiosity, stimulating their intellect and helping students achieve their own personal goals.

Inspired by the devotion, spirituality and mysticism of Saint Teresa of Avila who was the first female Catholic priest The College was named after her. In 1965, the Presentation Sisters of 1965 brought to the forefront the tradition of Nano Nagle which shined the spotlight on the importance of education for girls in the current world.

“The Presentation Sisters teaching at Avila were nuns at the cutting edge of education; they were the original Women’s Libbers who instilled in the girls the concept of ‘You can do anything’.”  Vivienne Hughes 1969, College Co-Captain

In 1969 the first class of matriculation of 13 students completed their studies. With an initial enrollment of 110 students and two full-time teachers, Avila College has grown 10 times in the years since its initial classrooms were set up on Charles Street. It’s now one of the biggest Catholic Secondary schools that cater to girls from Victoria with a student population of over 1100 students.

The College was initially run using temporary classrooms on an area of St Leonard’s Catholic Primary School in Glen Waverley before moving to its current location at Charles Street, Mount Waverley in the beginning of 1966. The first students were accommodated in mobile classrooms. The construction of one classroom block was started and the site looked like paddocks from farms.

Through the years the tiny site has expanded and changed by constant development as well as renovation and renewal. It is now an environmentally friendly, modern and tech-driven school campus.

Boundless Opportunity

In keeping with our fast-paced and ever-changing global context, Avila College is committed to the ongoing evolution of our campus spaces to reflect the best practices, the latest in pedagogy, and the student experience. Our campus is continuously renovated and refreshed to accommodate the educational and teaching practices that are in place today, and to help our students prepare for the next stage of their career and educational journey in the future.

The voice of the student is an important role in Avila College’s building plan through our Learning Captains and student committees that provide input to the layout and design of spaces, as well as selecting the interior features. Students’ research and feedback on “what constitutes a good educational setting” is also incorporated to the physical features as well as practical considerations such as the color palette and furniture choices in new buildings to ensure it reflects a more student-centered approach.

Phase 1 of Avila College’s Master Building Plan is currently in process and will lead to the creation of brand new, state-of-the art buildings at Avila College’s College campus.

Ballygriffin the brand new senior learning centre named in honour that of Nano Nagle’s birthplace. It’s an two-storey complex that offers modern and flexible areas for teaching and learning.

With the latest technology for education in the 21st century. Ballygriffin is specifically created to foster connections between communities, with a number of common areas as well as multi-purpose zones that allow students to work together and communicate.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability and ingenuity The building is ecologically sensitive in its design. It also maximizes the natural light, and seamlessly connects to Avila College’s green campus.

Our Commitment to Students

Avila College is dedicated to the protection well-being, safety, and safety of all students under our care. Our staff share a responsibility to provide students with a secure and safe space on campus, on the internet as well as in other areas offered at the discretion of the college.

Avila College is committed to:

  • as a safe and secure environment for children that is not tolerant of child abuse.
  • actively engaged, taking note of and encouraging every student;
  • regular communication with our families, and helping them increase the security and well-being of their children.
  • creating safe and secure relationships for children within our community
  • creating an organizational culture that is characterized by co-operative, vigilant, and proactive methods across procedures, policies, curricula and practices;
  • supporting and developing all of our employees in their role to help educate, take care of and safeguard our students.

Ministerial Order 870 forms a crucial component of the Government’s answer to the suggestions of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the treatment of child abuse by Non-Government and Religious organisations.

Avila College is in support of The Ministerial Order and Child Safe Standards to protect all children. We believe that children have an right to safe from any kind of neglect and abuse.

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