Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

Blackburn Lake Sanctuary

Blackburn Lake Sanctuary is one of the very few important remaining natural bushland reservations in Melbourne along with also the best-known bushland park at the City of Whitehorse. Faculties and the overall community appreciate excellent learning opportunities throughout the Sanctuary’s well respected Environment Education Plan.

A significant environmental advantage for residents of Whitehorse and the broader Melbourne Metropolitan Area, Blackburn Lake Sanctuary is only that  a refuge, an area of habitat for both plants and animals.
Visitors are requested to admire Blackburn Lake Sanctuary’s bushland and wildlife to be able to preserve this valuable asset for future generations.

It’s by far the most important of the numerous parks at the City of Whitehorse, including areas of regenerated bushland and different walking paths.

In 1889 the Kooyongkoot Creek has been dammed forming Blackburn Lake, in the middle of the refuge. The park has a varied history revolving around the individual use of this lake and surrounding bushland, which from the 1960s abandoned the lake particularly, really polluted. Although still polluted now, the late 20th century saw considerably regenerative planting and security measures by neighborhood residents and neighborhood groups that has stopped and in certain areas reduced pollution. These days, the park is home to many different local wildlife, such as Pacific black ducks and herons. The refuge also comes with an assortment of different birds, in addition to possums and sugar gliders.

In 1889 the lake itself was shaped once Gardiners Creek was dammed to give water to local fruit growers. The lake grew in popularity as a tourist destination, together with traffic in Melbourne travelling two hours with steam train to accomplish it.
In 1909 the Adult Deaf Society bought the property surrounding the lake, in which they found a hospice and a flower farm. Afterwards public buys increased the magnitude of this sanctuary until it attained its present size in 1992.

A lot of the history of this park revolves round the damming of Kooyongkoot Creek and its usage over time.

It might have been united along the way, especially in winter, by lots of small rivulets and streams; a number of those gullies may nevertheless be viewed as you walk round the lake now. In summer, the creek is supposed to have dried up occasionally.

The lake was dammed at 1889 originally to give water to local fruit growers, but was afterwards used and mistreated for a variety of motives and actions prior to the late 1970s. Nowadays, actions on the lake are restricted to protect the surrounding atmosphere. The lake is fed by a variety of little creeks to the east and lots of little surrounding gullies. The interior is situated in lake west reaches, Lake Road runs across the very top of the wall. Kooyongkoot Creek heads west by the walls, through the beginnings of its route into the Yarra River.

It was originally about 50 ft (15 m) deep at which the creek was around for antimony, but recent studies indicate it isn’t so deep now, with silted up over the years. The Blackburn Swimming Club has been forced to shut in 1931 because of vandalism of the centers.

These could have malic acids, lead and hydrocarbons to the water through recent years. Pollution from the lake leaves it unusable as a supply of water to the surrounding human population or agriculture. Back in 1962 the dam wall at Lake Rd was constructed from the MMBW to make a retarding basin to stop flooding farther down Kooyongkoot Creek, and also the Lake Rd Bridge was demolished in 1965.

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