Koomba Park

Koomba Park

Koomba Park is among Those parks Such as the Dandenong Valley Parklands at the Southern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The playground started in December 1981, and its own territory was formerly used for cattle grazing and citrus orchards. There are 3 key electricity transmission lines running throughout the playground: Rowville-Templestowe Single Circuit Southern (1st and 2nd), and Rowville-Ringwood.

In 2019 a research found that Koomba Park has been among the least used regions of the Dandenong Valley Parklands, and garnered the least satisfaction from park consumers in comparison to Jells Park and Tirhatuan Park.

The park forms a portion of this wildlife corridor of Dandenong Creek, also contains a lot of riparian woods, in addition to wetlands and swamps and a few regions of native revegetation.Common mammals at the park contain various species of snakes, possums, and sugar gliders.There is a bird mask adjacent to one of those ponds, where numerous species of indigenous birds are visible. The park provides habitat to many different native plant species, a number of which are endangered or endangered. Koomba Park has a lot of artificial water bodies, and is categorized at the Urban Floodway Zone because it’s likely to inundation.

Cycle Path

The two Dandenong Creek Trail and EastLink Trail run through the park around the key north–south west concrete route, before the paths split close to the southern car park. All paths were initially of fine crushed gravel, however in mid-late 2007, the present Dandenong Creek Trail was updated to 3 metre wide concrete from Boronia Road south into the former toilet block as part of the building of East Link. A new route of the identical standard was assembled which leads farther south into the Mountain Highway intersection with Burwood Highway, which forms a portion of this EastLink Trail, opened in mid 2008. The main route depart in the north of this park leads beneath Boronia Road and proceeds to operate together with the Dandenong Creek whereas the southern route (that the EastLink Trail) leads farther along EastLink into the south east and the south west route (the Dandenong Creek Trail) crosses the Dandenong Creek and matches the Burwood Highway at Vermont South, for this connection being assembled as a elevated boardwalk and opened in 1997.

The Lands End Path is signposted via the park, such as an information board about Opperman.

Walking trails

There are also a string of official nice class gravel criss-crossing paths that are situated in the park made for walkers, but may be used by cyclists. These avenues are often quite badly preserved, with segments bumpy, narrow and even impassable as a result of overgrowth and fallen trees. A range of unofficial paths also have been created by people from the playground.


There’s another smaller carpark in the northern end off Boronia Road. A combined picnic shelter and toilet block (that was initially a sports pavilion) existed at the playground for a while, but had been demolished in mid 2008 because of numerous offense events (see § Incidents). Electric barbecues were removed at precisely the identical moment. Information boards are situated in the south and north west entrances to the park. A drinking fountain can also be situated in the intersection of Dandenong Creek Trail and East Link Trail.

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