Mount Waverley Secondary College Junior Campus

Mount Waverley Secondary College Junior Campus

The school began in the form of Mount Waverley High School opening on the 4th of February 1964 at the present Senior Campus, located on Lechte Road.

Mount Waverley High School was founded in February 1964, during a time in which high schools in suburban areas Schools were needed urgently to accommodate Victoria’s rapid population increase. The school was temporarily housed in three mobile classrooms located on Glen Waverley High School’s grounds Glen Waverley High School, the first class comprised of seventy three Grade 1 students, six teachers staff, and one employee working in our office.

The school is located on a hillside on Stephensons Road, between Lechte and Gordon Roads, on 15 acres of Housing Commission land. It is fascinating to know the fact that Mount Waverley High School was the first Victorian High School to make use of steel-framed laminex-topped tables and upholster chairs in the year 1966. In 1967, enrollments grew to 694 and two additional wings were built into the school which included a physical education centre as well as Wookworks shops.

The school was renamed Mount Waverley Secondary College in the 1990s. It later was located on the the former Waverley North Primary School following the school’s closed, which was the beginning of an Junior Campus. In October of 2008, work began to tear down and reconstruct this Junior Campus as we know it today. It was officially opened by the Junior campus was officially inaugurated with the help of Hon. Martin Dixon MP, Minister for Education, on Tuesday, 20 March 2012.

The school’s emblem is The Unicorn symbolizes the Sir Walter Scott the author of the Waverley Novels. The novel gave the names for the first four houses. The Unicorn is an emblem of the school which has remained in place for over fifty years and is proudly worn by our students.

The Junior School model we have is unique among the public institutions in Melbourne. It has separate campuses for our students in Year 7 and 8 in recognition of the unique requirements for our pupils.

The imaginative and innovatively constructed Junior Campus structures were awarded a prestigious international award for design. Our learning spaces are purposeful and have boosted Mount Waverley Secondary College’s standing as a leader in higher education for secondary students in Victoria.

The Senior Campus is focused on providing facilities and programs specifically designed to meet the requirements of senior students.

The school has an emphasis on academics with a variety of subjects available to satisfy the various requirements and goals for our pupils. The comprehensive curriculum offers students with a variety of options for study, including options for acceleration and extension.

Mount Waverley Secondary College attracts students, employees and helps develop people with outstanding skills who share our beliefs and desire to contribute to the learning outcomes of students.

Our staff creates an environment that effectively help our students develop and sense of belonging to the learning community. The college’s staff, comprising both teachers and support staff for education are highly professional who treat every child as if they were their individual.

The Junior Campus at our school is a distinctive location in Victoria because it is comprised of only year 7 and 8 students. Transitioning from elementary school can be helped by this arrangement.

It is the campus’ prestigious school and has garnered international recognition for its the design and utilization of spaces for learning that are designed to be purposeful. We have hosted numerous visitors from national, local and international schools that would like to learn more about our unique learning and teaching programs.

Staff and students are engaged in the areas of learning where groups of students and teachers utilize the Explicit instruction Model. This model is comprised of an 1/3 direct instruction as well as a 1/3 independent learning, and a third of collaborative or collaborative approach to learning.

The College Council is a major institution of governing all schools which provides plans, money and other developments in the school.

In Mount Waverley Secondary College, the College Council puts student learning and well-being at the center of everything they do. The council is made up of parents, community members, and students, along with Department of Education and Training (DET) members.

The purpose for College Council College Council is to enhance education opportunities for everyone Mount Waverley Secondary College students. They formulate reviews and updates to school policies, approve budgets and examine expenditures, and then collect funds for school-related activities.

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