Most drivers know that you need to roll up your windows before you wash your car. The problem is remembering in the moment when you have so many other things going on at once. However, there are a couple of other steps you should also take regardless if you are washing at home or taking your car to a drive-through. Next time you wash your car, keep the following in mind…

Things to do Before You Wash Your Car at Home

  1. Park in the shade – Parking in the shade helps to reduce the amount of surface heat on the vehicle. Excess heat can result in soap and water spots that you have to rewash, as well as cause excess streaking on windows. Parking in the shade helps you not have to wash things twice and allows you to be more comfortable while your washing.
  2. Gather and clean your tools – Having the right tools will make cleaning your car that much easier. Making sure your tools are clean beforehand will make sure you are getting the most out of your effort, and not just spreading the dirt around. Have separate cloths and sponges for your tires, as they will be the dirtiest, as well as have more road grime that you do not want to spread on your paint.
  3. Prepare the vehicle – Make sure that your doors are shut properly, that your windows are rolled up, and that you have removed any gear or accessories from the exterior that you do not want to get wet. Don’t forget to close your sunroof if you have one.

Things to do Before You Take Your Car to a Drive-Through Wash

  1. Pull in your mirrors- Regardless if you have automatic folding mirrors or manual, tucking them in will help keep the mirrors from being damaged by the rotating brushes and spray jets. Not only can the glass in the mirror be broken, but the mount that holds it can be damaged, or the powered gears inside that help tilt the mirror can be damaged.
  2. Remove your antenna- If your model has a removable antenna, you will want to take it off before entering a drive-through car wash. This will save it from being bent, damaged, or torn off by the brushes inside.
  3. Roll up windows and check the doors- The last step after you pay is to roll up your windows and close your sunroof if equipped. Make sure that all doors are firmly shut. Water will be sprayed at a high pressure against the vehicle from all directions. If you have any rubber window or door seals that are loose, make sure to put them in place before starting into the car wash.

Tired of Wasting Time Washing Your Vehicle?

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3 Things You Need to Do Before Washing Your Car