Windshield wipers can be annoying. From not effectively removing water to squealing every time you use them, worn windshield wipers can be a pain. Windshield wipers are often times those overlooked things that you don’t change until you have to. Here are 5 tips to keeping your windshield wiper blades fresh so that they can be more effective, and you can save some money on not having to replace them as often.

1) Cut off Your Wipers If The Windshield Is Not Wet

It is so easy to get caught up in a conversation or thought that we can forget to cut off the wipers when the windshield is dry. When we use wipers on a dry windshield, friction is created. The Wipers were designed to glide across a slick surface, so avoiding abrasion is a good thing to prevent wear.

2) Do Not Use Your Wipers Until the Windshield is Completely Defrosted

This is so easy to do. We can hop in the car with some frost or snow on the windshield and pull the handle just to see if the wipers will take it off. The problem is your rubber wipers aren’t designed to take off hard elements like frost and snow. By warming your car up early and turning on the defrost or using an ice scraper, you can save some of the life and performance of your wiper blades.

3) Remove Leaves and Debris

Leaves always get stuck between the car’s hood and windshield wipers for some reason. This causes leaves to get caught in the wiper blades and drag across the rubber which is not good. If you can, try to remove the leaves and debris that hide around your wiper blades.

4) Clean Your Wipers Along With Your Car

When you clean or have your car cleaned, have the rubber blades cleaned of embedded dirt. This dirt builds up over time and makes your blades less effective, which doesn’t give you such a great driving experience.

5) Avoid Parking Directly in The Sun

This is almost as hard as saying do not breath. In the warmer months its virtually inevitable to park your car in the sun. With that said, it would benefit your wiper blades and vehicles paint (It fades with exposure to UV rays) to park in the shade if possible. The heat and UV rays can dry up and crack the rubber that is on your wiper blades, making them less effective.

These are some tips for Fresh Car Detailing that should help you be on your way to having a greater driving experience by having effective windshield wiper blades! If you need more details regarding car detailing, contact our professional detailers at (03) 9999 7553 or visit our website.

What have been some of your experiences with windshield wiper blades?


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