When you pay the neighbors kid to clean your vehicle, you get exactly what you pay for, a inexpensive vehicle wash. There will be no protective coat of wax, and no odor removal unless you count hanging a fresh air freshener tree on the rearview mirror. They will not detail the tires or run a clay bar within the outside to gently remove any debris and dirt. But that is not exactly what you should get when you pay to get a car detailing. Besides getting all of the dirt out of every pore and crevice, in Fresh Car Detailing  we will also add a protective coating of wax, also condition the interior to give it a much more life. A regular car wash will not have the ideal products to find the Cheeto dust from the seats, coffee out of this headliner, or road tar off the exterior. Without professional knowledge in stain removal or car detailing, both interior and exterior stains, you may end up doing more harm than good. A non-professional may try to get too tough with exterior dirt, chipping the paint in the process. Removing stains from inside surfaces should take a gentle touch with the right products and techniques. Detailing your automobile in a right way, so that you dispose of all the stains will maintain the resale value of your car or truck, which makes the excess price worth every penny.