Shake Off Summer’s Worst with Fresh Car Detailing Services

Has summer taken its toll on your vehicle? Road trips, beach vacations and backpacking weekends are big fun, but are you still wondering when you’ll get the last bit of ground-in sand out of the carpet?

If you’re ready to leave summer in the dust and roll into fall in a clean, pristine vehicle, Fresh Car Detailing can help! If all your car needs is a deep, thorough cleaning, our detailing services are what you need. But if your car took some abuse this summer, our reconditioning services can make it look and feel like new, too!

Here are a few of the issues we can fix at Fresh Car Detailing

  • Dings and Dents: Did your car pick up a dent or scratch over the summer months? Fresh Car Detailing uses paint less dent repair, expert scratch removal and paint touch-up to make it look like the damage never happened.
  • Spills and Chills: Traveling in your car means eating in your car. Did the kids spill juice in the backseat? Fresh Car Detailing can restore your fabric upholstery and carpet to look like new, addressing stains, burns, tears and more.
  • Cracks and Chips: Did your windshield pick up a crack or chip on your most recent road trip? Exterior windshield repair from Fresh Car Detailing keeps your original glass in place, strengthening it and keeping the crack from spreading.
  • Wheels and Rims: We can clean the original finish on your vehicle’s wheels and rims, along with fixing dings, dents, chips and scratches. The process is faster and less costly than replacing wheels and rims.

Getting your car detailed can feel like you’ve gotten a brand-new car. It’s time to make a fresh start and fall in love with your car all over again. Contact your Melbourne Fresh Car Detailing to find out how!


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