When it comes to protecting your dream car, it pays to take extra precautions. That’s why at Fresh Car Detailing we offer two kinds of high-tech vehicle protection: paint protection film and Nano Ceramic Coating.

Prolong your car’s beauty with paint protection film (PPF) and nano ceramic coating as a topcoat. Both of these options provide top-notch protection for your vehicle, but they also have unique areas where they excel. Combining the two can give your vehicle the best of both worlds, making your finish look spectacular and protecting your investment for years to come.  Here’s why you should consider getting Nano Ceramic Coating for your paint protection film.

What Are the Differences? 

To understand why you should double up protection, you need to understand what makes these options different.  Paint protection film is a urethane film that adheres to the painted surfaces of your vehicle’s exterior. Its specialty is shielding your car’s finish from dings, dents and scratches due to road debris. The high-tech film has self-healing qualities, meaning that any damage the film takes vanishes, but it is also porous, meaning that air and water are allowed through.  Nano Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer application that shields your vehicle from water and dirt. Its special hydrophobic qualities mean your vehicle will be easier to clean. It also shields your vehicle from UV rays, protecting it from fading over time.

Why Combine the Two? 

Adding Nano Ceramic Coating as a topcoat for your paint protection film protects both your car and your film. Nano Ceramic Coating adds its hydrophobic qualities to the paint protection film. You’ll spend less time cleaning and waxing the car, and your car will look better overall.  By shielding the film from UV rays, Nano Ceramic Coating also extends the life of the film, keeping it from yellowing, fading or discoloration. Think of it as sunblock for your film!  If you would like to learn more about this dynamic duo of car protection, the experts at Fresh Car Detailing are here to help. Just contact us to find out more.


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