You’ve done it! You’ve made the choice to protect your investment in your vehicle with paint protection film to shield it from impact damage, corrosion, invisible scratches and more.

But once you’ve taken your car home after getting paint protection film from Fresh Car Detailing, how do you care for it? Do you need something different than just running it through the local car wash? The answer is yes! Here is our guide to caring for it.

1) Let it Rest

While you can drive your car home the same day after paint protection film has been applied, the film needs several days to cure and fully bond to your car. Wait three days before handwashing your car and we recommend steering clear of mechanical, automated car washes. In addition, you might see small bubbles in the film for the first month of the curing process. This is normal, as the urethane film “breathes” to allow air and water vapor out of the film. Give it time to cure for best results.

2) Go Gentle

Your paint protection film can take a beating, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to protect it. When washing, use a gentle car cleaning liquid and avoid harsh abrasives like clay products, along with petroleum-based products and degreasers. Use a soft sponge for washing and a chamois cloth for drying and buffing. Keep any water you use gentle, too. High-pressure hoses and high-speed buffers and polishers shouldn’t be used.

3) Keep it Waxed

Make sure to wash and wax your car on a regular basis. Since paint protection film is porous, it’s easy for dirt and other impurities to get under the film and dull the finish. Washing and waxing keeps the film sealed. Be sure to use a wax that is compatible with the brand of paint protection film on your vehicle and follow instructions.

4) Consider Professional Detailing

Nothing gets the job done quite like professional detailing. A pro will know what products will best extend the life and looks of your paint protection film, and they will know how to address any problem areas that may present themselves. At Fresh Car Detailing, our paint protection film is installed by experts, and our detailing services are conducted with the best products available. If you would like to learn more about either of these services, just contact us today!


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