Its summer. For many of us this means beach time. We pack are cars full to bursting with beach clothes, surf boards, floaties and for some even a canoe. Then we head out in search for a sandy shore where we can work on our tans, bury ourselves in sand and refresh ourselves in the salty water. But what do we do when we get back from the beach and we find that our trusty cars have been ridden with sand and salt, making it look like it was dragged across the Arabian Desert. So what do you do when you get home and bring with you a ton sand? Here’s how you clean your car after a trip to the beach:

  1. Shake the carpets

Once you get home, shake the carpets outside of your car. As we have all surely noticed, sand has a talent for getting everywhere no matter how many times you wash your feet, slippers, or even your hair. By the time you get back from the beach despite your best efforts your carpets will be riddled with sand and shaking them will ensure that nearly all the dirt you brought with you will be removed.

  1. Vacuum the upholstery

Now while the carpet shaking helps a lot, it won’t completely clean your car. You know how when you walk back from the beach you suddenly feel sand in between places it shouldn’t be? Well that is the same principle for cars. Sand not only gets on the carpets but also in between seats, underneath the carpets or even dashboards (we have no idea as to how they get there either). Vacuuming the entire interior of your vehicle, in between all the seat cracks, under the carpets and seats and yes, even on the dashboard will get rid of any hidden sand particles and dirt.

  1. Air Dry the Seats

Coming back from the beach with your car almost always leaves damp seats due to your wet attire. After coming back from the beach always remember to air dry your car’s interior. Don’t close all the windows and lock the doors leaving your car to absorb heat helping mold to fester in the hot dampness. Instead leave your car windows open for a couple hours, allowing the air to dry out any remaining water from your car. If you are worried about thieves then just leave your windows open an inch, this is enough.

  1. Don’t forget the trunk

Last but not least do not forget the trunk. Seeing as this is the place you pack all of your beach gear into, it can get the messiest of all. To clean this area, remove everything in the trunk and simply vacuum. Be sure to get all the corners and edges.

As you can see, cleaning your car after a beach trip isn’t hard at all. It takes minimal time and there are preventive measures you can do next time you go on a beach trip to avoid darting up your car.

Blankets and towels are your best friend in the beach. For your trunk lay down a nice big blanket and this should catch all the sand and salt that your stuff brings with it. And before you use your car put dry towels over your seats to absorb any water you and your family bring with you.

Using all these steps can make it fun and easy to have a clean car after the beach, but if you find you don’t have time or just feel too darn lazy, you can always call Fresh Car Detailing at (03) 9999 7553 or visit our Contact Page and we will come to you to detail your car. We’ll even throw in a discount!


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