It’s an exciting time when a teen goes back to school. Time for football games, homecoming dances and fun with friends.

One part of going back to school sounds fun for teens, but not so much for their parents: driving. Your teen might be ecstatic to drive to school on their own this year, but you’re probably a bundle of nerves. Teen drivers are more at risk for car accidents and injury than more seasoned drivers are, and their world is full of distractions — from talking with friends and changing the playlist to texting and trying to fight the urge to check their phones.

Parents should talk with teens about the importance of safe driving, set reasonable limits and model great driving habits. But you can give your teen an extra layer of protection with modern automotive electronics. Here’s how.

  • Go Hands-Free: Remove some of the greatest temptation of distracted driving and set your teen’s car up for hands-free integration with their iPhone or Android smartphone. They won’t have to pick up a phone to call home or skip a song. They can do it all heads-up and hands-free.
  • Eyes in Back: Teens might not be as careful as we’d like when it comes to putting the car in reverse. Give your teen’s car a back-up camera to help them avoid accidents.
  • Keeping Tabs: Teens don’t always make the best choices. If you’ve set limits on where they can drive, consider installing GPS tracking in their vehicle so you can make sure they’re not driving where they shouldn’t.
  • No Lockouts: Remote start isn’t just a luxury. Systems like Viper and Drone offer safety features like the ability to unlock the vehicle from a smartphone app. Ensure that your teen won’t get stranded if they lose their keys with a remote start system.

As a loving parent, you want to do what you can to keep your teen driver safe. For more information, contact your Fresh Car Detailing today!


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