From allergies to having to drive around a yellow-coated car, pollen season is annoying. If you are one of the many who suffers from springtime allergies, you have enough to deal with, and your car shouldn’t be one of them. Below, we’ve laid out everything you need to know to ensure that you’re limiting the exposure and potential damage pollen can have on your car.

Keep Pollen Off Your Car’s Exterior

Keeping pollen off of your car’s paint is next to impossible once the blooming season starts. There isn’t a product that keeps it from sticking and your only real solution is to keep up with your car wash schedule. Dark-colored vehicles are going to show pollen a lot more than white or silver cars.

Tips for Keeping Pollen From Damaging Your Car’s Paint

  • To protect your car’s paint and exterior from pollen’s acidity, make sure to receive a full exterior detail prior to pollen season.
  • Waxing a vehicle prior to pollen season will also make frequent washes easier to complete.
  • Pollen should be removed as frequently as possible to lessen the potential damage.

Keep Pollen Out Of Your Car’s Interior

If you’re allergic to pollen, keeping it out of the interior of your vehicle is crucial for a sneeze-free drive. Here are some steps to ensuring your car’s interior is as pollen-free as possible.

1. Check Your Cabin Air Filter (If Applicable)

Most cars on the road have cabin air filters that need replacing at some point during their lifecycle. If your car is equipped with a cabin air filter, you’ll want to check your owner’s manual to learn about

2. Keep Your Windows Rolled Up

Warmer weather typically comes with the urge to drive around with your windows down, but with that comes a blanket of pollen being transported in the air. If you enjoy driving around with your windows down but suffer from allergies, you’re opening yourself up for a day full of symptoms. Additionally, if you drive a convertible, resist the urge to drive with the top down, as your exposure to pollen will be even greater. Pollen will enter the vehicle and begin to stick to every surface, including your clothing.

3. Use Your A/C, But Recirculate

The shift to Spring weather also brings the need for A/C. Be diligent in making sure that your A/C is set to recirculate the air rather than sucking in new, pollen-contaminated air from the outside. This will both help your allergy symptoms and rid excess pollen from entering your vehicle during use.

Let The Car Detailing Pros Handle It

If washing your vehicle every few days doesn’t seem like a great way to spend your time, hand off the task to local car detailing pros. Fresh Car Detailing technicians are experienced in both removing and keeping pollen-related issues to a minimum.

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How to Remove & Keep Pollen From Your Car’s Exterior & Interior