If there is anything that is unavoidable, it is the change of season. Unless you live in some tropical land, chances are you will experience a drastically different winter than summer. For those of us who do, how exactly should we care for our cars during those winter months?

In the winter it is so easy to just not care about your car. Between salt, snow, dirty water, and all sorts of things continuously splashing up against your car, it can feel like a hopeless endeavor to care for it. But there is hope!

Make Sure Your Paint is Always Protected

This is the most important tip of all. Always make sure there is a coat of wax on your car. That applies for all four seasons of the year. With all of the elements working against your cars paint, you want to make sure it is protected to prevent scratches, swirls, and damage that can happen in winter months. You wouldn’t go outside in the ice or freezing cold without a coat, why would you do not do the same for your car?

Check Your Tire Inflation

When it is cold outside, the ground can cause your tires to lose pressure more frequently than other times of the year. You want to make sure your tires are always properly inflated.

Install Rubber Floor Mats

Many people already do this, but it is important to mention. Along with the bad whether comes nasty streets and dirty shoes. These dirty shoes can track salt and all sorts of thing to your car’s carpets and leave some nasty stains. You can prevent ruining your carpets by simply purchasing some cheap rubber mats from your local auto store. It is much more expensive to buy original mats than replaceable rubber ones.

These tips from Fresh Car Detailing and click here to read more tips and articles regarding mobile car detailing.

What are some winter car care tips you have or would like to know about?


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