When was the last time you popped your hood? Have you seen how filthy your engine compartment is?
You probably only look at your engine bay when you’re going to check your oil or work under your hood.
When cleaning your vehicle, it is easy to overlook the engine bay. It has a lot of dust, dirt, leaks, and oil leaks and can get out of hand.
Now comes the question of whether it is safe to clean your engine with water.
The most common method of cleaning your engine is with a pressure washer. This can be effective, but you need to be careful.
If you use a pressure washer, make sure the setting is on low and that you’re using soap specifically designed for cars. You don’t want to damage any of the electrical components in your engine bay.
A safer way to clean your engine is by hand. You can use a garden hose on a low setting or even a bucket of soapy water. Just be sure to rinse everything off afterwards and let it dry completely before starting your car.
Cleaning your engine bay is important for maintaining your car. It will also help you spot any leaks or problems.
Instructions for cleaning your engine
Cover all of your concerns and cautions about the engine so that it is safe and does not light up like a Christmas tree.
You should use a pressure washer to remove the majority of the dirt and grime so that it can be cleaned more easily. Keep the water moving and do not spray in one spot to ensure that as much water as possible is removed.
We’ll use an all-purpose cleaner and a variety of brushes to get into all of the cracks and small components. You will not be able to clean the entire engine, but you will be able to clean approximately 90% of it.
After cleaning it with all of the brushes, use the pressure washer to remove all of the dirt and all-purpose cleaner.
After you’ve sprayed it down, you can try to dry most of it with towels and get all of the water out. Alternatively, you can get your leaf blower and blow all the air out for a faster and more efficient method.
After you’ve dried the vehicle, you’ll be able to dress the engine with some engine protection or dressing so that all of the black plastic shines and looks brand new.
Aside from that, you should be fine when it comes to cleaning your engine. We’ve done several Engine Cleanings at this point, and we have yet to run into any issues.
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email!
Thank you for reading, and we hope this was helpful!

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