Driving with kids always seems to be an entertaining experience. From the crazy things children randomly blurt out, the songs they like to sing, to the interesting ways they decide to keep themselves amused, having kids in the car never seems to be boring and it can feel as if you’re taking them everywhere. With it being back to school season and close to Halloween, kids tend to have snacks with them majority of car rides, causing concern for the safety of your interior. The marks left behind widely vary. A few loose pretzels or some crumbs from a bag of chips can feel like an easy fix. But by far the worst possible stain to try and remove is gum or a sticky, chewy candy. Gum and candy stuck in your interior can be frustrating and devastating all at once. It feels impossible to remove and you’ll have to deal with your once perfect car having a taffy or chewing gum stuck to its seats forever. Well, don’t get too down because we’ve found some of the best strategies on how to remove these annoying marks from your car seats. These tips can be done easily with some simple products that may be right in your home. There’s also some great products that make removing gum and sticky candy a simple task. Whichever you decide to with, we can assure you’ll defeat the unbeaten gum stain.


  1. Freezing the Gum

–  An old trick is to get the gum so cold that you’re able to peal it right off. Putting a few ice cubes in a plastic ziploc baggy then placing it directly on the gum for a minute or so will freeze it to the point of being able to peel right off.

  1. White Vinegar

–   Soak a small cloth with warm white vinegar and dab the cloth onto the gum or candy stain. For a more effective method, soak the stain in the white vinegar and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

–    Another classic trick is using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide comes to the rescue for all kinds of mishaps. Like using white vinegar, soak a cloth in hydrogen peroxide and soak the stain, following with dabbing in a circular rotation. A great thing about using hydrogen peroxide is it fights deep, dark stains like a red candy.

  1. Foaming Shaving Cream

–   For frustrating stains that won’t seem to budge, try using a shaving cream that foams. Let it sit on the stain for 10-15 minutes and then wipe off the remaining particles. Be sure to use a shaving foam and not a gel. A gel does not work as well as a foam.

  1. Goo Gone

–    If you’d prefer to use a product that is designed for this type of mess then using Goo Gone is the top choice. It’s made with scientific technology and can fight any sticky situation. Goo Gone is sold on amazon and other grocery stores.

  1. Vacuum

–   A final tip for any leftover mess is using a vacuum. It will pick up any remaining trace of gum or candy residue. Press the suction opening of the vacuum down directly over the stain. Keep the opening there for a minute or so and the small, stubborn particles will be disappeared.

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