With fall just around the corner, most people begin thoroughly cleaning their vehicles to prep for winter. One of the most important steps – vacuuming a car to clear everything out. Knowing the best tips to properly vacuum your car can be time and cost effective. Breathe life back into your automobile by following these steps, resulting in a clean and healthy environment.

Choosing the Right Vacuum

For vacuuming a car, you need to find a machine that allows for both reach and flexibility. The interior of your vehicle requires an attachment for reaching between crevices and cracks to properly suction out the debris. Consider purchasing an extension cord to make walking around the car easier.

Vacuum Attachments

Most machines provide attachments that allow you to clean hard to reach places, as well as, brushes that loosen dirt. Check what additional parts have been supplied, utilizing the tools to thoroughly vacuum a car. Use the brush attachments for upholstery and carpet. If you have a small nozzle, this will help you reach the cracks to suction any debris out.

Vacuuming a Car the Right Way

  • Step 1 – Open Vehicle Doors

Keeping all the doors open provides better access to each part of the car’s interior. This also prevents you from repeatedly opening and closing doors to reach specific areas. In addition, it ensures great ventilation to remove musty, stale odors.

  • Step 2 – Clear out Trash

Remove large debris and trash from the seats and floors before beginning. Don’t forget to pick up any personal items left in the vehicle. Vacuuming a car requires a clear area to clean every section throughout the interior.

  • Step 3 – Remove Floor Mats

Floor mats endure the most wear and tear on your vehicle. Any contaminant on the heels of your shoes gets stuck on the mats. This means special attention needs to be given to the floor mats to remove all the grime. Save these for last and remove the floor mats from the front and back. Set them in a clean, dry area to return to later.

  • Step 4 – Start from the Top

The first section to tackle should be the ceiling. When you begin vacuuming a car, everything falls from top to bottom. Thus, starting with the roof allows you to avoid going back later to clean up anything that falls. Work in small sections, using the vacuum and attachment to run over each part. Once you finish moving around the entire vehicle, work your way down.

  • Step 5 – Dashboard and Display Area

One of the most neglected surfaces when vacuuming a car – dashboards. Most people overlook this area and forget to wipe it down. However, dirt collects on the surface and display as well. Brush the area lightly using short, sweeping strokes and hold the vacuum close to catch any dust.

  • Step 6 – Upholstery

To eliminate trapped dust, hair, and other debris, run the vacuum along the seats and seat backs. Using a slim attachment will help sweep away the dirt from the nooks and crannies in your seats. Make sure you remember to recline the seat back to reach every area.

  • Step 7 – Cleaning Floorboards

For best results, suction the carpet in all directions with a brush attachment, working from the center to the doors. Repeat this several times to completely eliminate dirt from the carpet. Move the seats forward and back to reach every area of the vehicle. Do the same process for the back floorboards, making sure to shift the seats.

  • Step 8 – Trunk Woes

The most forgotten area for car owners is the trunk. Pop open the back and remove all items. Throw away any trash and large debris before beginning. Cleaning the trunk is similar to vacuuming the rest of the car. Start from the top and work your way down, vacuuming the entire compartment. Repeat this several times to ensure you cover every area.

  • Step 9 – Finally, Floor Mats

First, shake out the mats before you vacuum them. Finish the process by running the vacuum over them, working in small sections. Before placing them back in the vehicle, check the bottom of the mats and make sure nothing is stuck. Finally, replace the floor mats.

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Vacuuming a Car the Right Way