Learn the big benefits of ceramic coating for cars from detailing experts near you


Protection Against Mud and Grime

  • Ceramic coating is hydrophobic in nature. It repels water and other sticky materials such as mud and grime. When we wash our car with water, it leaves behind traces. These traces are called water spots. Even though they are harmless, they are pretty hard to remove. They dull your car’s appearance. If they are not taken care of, they become semi-permanent.


With ceramic coating, your car becomes resistant to water spots. Water trickles down a ceramic coating seamlessly without leaving any trace. Dirt, mud, and grime also get wiped away easily. This way, your car looks cleaner in between washes.


Protection Against Stains and Marks

  • The ceramic coating offers protection against multiple organic and non-organic substances. Since the ceramic coating is inert in nature, it forms a protective layer over the car’s paint. It does not allow any contaminant such as acid rain to react with the paint and corrode it. Hence, your car stays protected from stains and patches of faded paint. Nevertheless, to ensure better car protection, it is important to remove the contaminant as soon as possible.


Ceramic coating also protects the car from physical damages. Cars often get scratches and etch from a collision with sharp objects. If your car is coated with ceramic, the damage from physical objects will be reduced. Hence, your car’s exterior will stay unscathed.


Enhances The Appearance of the Vehicle

  • A freshly painted car looks shiny and glamorous especially when it glistens under the sunlight. However, with time, the appearance starts to dull if the car is not looked after. With ceramic coating, you can preserve its shine and glamor for a long time without much hassle. Ceramic coating binds to the paint of the car and offers a protective coating that retains its initial shine and glamor.


Places like Melbourne experience extremely hot and humid summers. The intense sun rays can quickly damage the car’s exterior surface. If you are looking for ways to retain your car’s showroom shine, get your hands on the ceramic coating now. It works best when it is applied to a car that has fresh-looking paint. It cannot cover already existing swirl marks, stains, and patches of faded paint.


A Better Alternative to Waxing

  • Waxing has been the conventional way of adding shine to the car’s exterior and covering any scratches. There are multiple downsides to waxing such as its temporary effect and high application time.


Ceramic coating provides a much better alternative to car waxing. It offers a protective covering to the car’s exterior which does not wear off with time. Compared to waxing, ceramic coating is much easier to apply. Say goodbye to tedious and frequent applications of car waxing.


Your Car Doesn’t Require Frequent Washings

  • The inert and hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating makes it quite slippery in texture. Dirt, grime, debris, and other contaminants don’t stick to the surface of the car which is coated in ceramic. Even if the exterior gets stained, it can be wiped easily.


Since your car doesn’t get dirty so often, this allows you to go much longer between car washes.


Cost-Effective in The Long Run

  • The upfront cost of ceramic is higher than conventional wax. However, it is more cost-effective than other protective coatings in the long run. The reason being that ceramic coating does not require frequent reapplications like conventional wax. It can sustain your car for years depending upon how well you take care of it.


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