It can happen to use all. Especially when your car is parked outside overnight. Tires can go flat in colder months. But why? Let’s take a quick look at why this happens.

Tires Contract in Cold Weather

Lower temperatures cause rubber to contract. As the tire contracts, space can be created between the rubber and rim, which will allow air to slowly leak.

Air Pressure Decreases in Cold Weather

The colder the weather is, the slower air molecules move. The slower air molecules move, the lower the amount of air pressure.

Quick Tip: This also is relevant for hotter temperatures. In warmer months when you drive your car and the tires warm up, it can increase your tire pressure. So you do not want to fill your tires to capacity in warmer months because it will increase due to the heat, causing too much pressure to be in the tires.

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What are some of your experiences with air in your tires for summer and winter months?


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