The idea of an automatic car wash damaging your alignment may not be something you have considered previously, but you should. While not all automated car washes are the same, the basic design of how they work is. A track runs through the middle of the car wash, which has arms or hooks that attach to the frame of your car or your tires. These arms help guide your vehicle down the track, making sure it is positioned right and guiding your vehicle down the track at the designated speed. It is the track that can cause damage to your alignment and your wheels.

How Automated Car Washes Damage Your Alignment and Wheels

As you pull your vehicle forward, you are supposed to turn your steering wheel straight aligning your tires with the track. The track then takes control and you let go of the wheel assuming the track will do its job and get you to the other side. The issue is that the track is holding onto your wheels and can damage the inside of the rims. This also puts excess strain on the steering and suspension components and can pull your vehicle out of proper alignment. You may or may not notice a change in the alignment immediately, but you may notice the damage to the rims after one run through.  

Secondly, most automated car washes only push the vehicle forward on one side or the other. Only putting force on one side can also throw your vehicle out of alignment. While it is unlike to do a dramatic amount of damage the first time, it can add up if you use these types of car washes often. There is also a higher potential for error if these tracks are not working properly or if your vehicle is not aligned on the track correctly.

Are Automated Washes Worth the Risk?

Realistically, the chances of you obtaining a major amount of damage from an automatic car wash is rather low. The changes of your car being minorly damaged or pulled out of alignment are higher, however, and you must ask yourself if it is worth the risk. There is the possibility that your car’s alignment can be misadjusted from the automated car wash tracks that guide your vehicle through. There is also a chance that your rims can become damaged from the tracks, that your paint can become scratched, or that your antenna can be damaged. The bottom line is that you are taking your vehicle somewhere and paying for it to be improved. When you risk doing more damage to your vehicle than good, you may want to search for another car washing solution.

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Will A Car Wash Damage My Vehicle’s Alignment