Regardless if you drive a brand new vehicle or something a little more classic, preserving your paint is usually important. One might then wonder if it is best to wash your car frequently, or just let it be. Between car paint, clear coats, and waxes, taking care of your vehicle’s exterior can be confusing. The experts at Fresh Car Detailing are here to help explain how to treat your paint job right.

Can A Car Wash Damage My Paint?

Damage caused by a car wash is typically caused by user error. Certain soaps will strip the protective layers off of the paint. The paint is then exposed to the elements and it begins to deteriorate and fade. The metal under or plastic under the paint can then start to become weak over time and can even rust out. Washing your car the WRONG way or with the WRONG tools and chemicals will absolutely damage your paint and the clear coat and waxes that protect it. However, when your car is washed correctly, and with the right types of soaps, your paint and clear coat will last the lifetime of the vehicle and look great the entire time.

Properly washing your car will not damage the paint. In fact, washing your car may not be a priority on your list of regular car maintenance, but it should be. The key to making regular car washes beneficial is to keep up with them, so you have to wash less aggressively, and do them correctly. Not only does washing your car not damage the paint when it is done right, but it will help protect the paint and components that lie beyond it.

One thing to keep in mind is to never use dish soaps. Degreasing chemicals and abrasive compounds are designed to strip the oils that make up protective waxes. You will want to purchase soap specifically made for car paint. You will also want to keep a fresh coat of wax on the paint to keep it protected even further. If you want to skip the hassle altogether, hire your local professionals at Fresh Car Detailing  Mobile Car Wash for expert and personal service.

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Will a Car Wash Damage My Vehicle’s Paint