Eastern Lions Soccer Club

Eastern Lions Soccer Club

The club was founded in 1963 by the group of British ex-pats, The Eastern Lions have a long rich history on the Victorian football field.

Formerly named Waverley City, the club has undergone a variety of changes throughout the time. In 1997, a merger was announced along with Old Scotch FC and Old Scotch Waverley was formed before the decision was taken to move the club into an innovative new direction in the Eastern Lions brand in 2003.

Despite these developments, however, success on the field has not been distant. In 1964, just a year after they first kicked an unruly ball Waverley City FC were crowned, Metropolitan, Fourth Division champions. In 1968, they had completed their climb up the league table and were competing against the best state teams could provide.

The first few years were an era of great success for the club. However, it was the positive vibe that was created in the locker room that would become the club’s motto and the foundation upon which a prosperous future was created. “If there’s any romance in arriving in Australia as immigrants, it was those first five or six weeks at the club,” said Eastern Lions veteran, John Milway.

Then came a brief lull within the trophy room prior to the team won a State One title in 1975 and the Winfield Cup in 1977, Harry Armstrong Cup in 1987. Then came the decade of record-breaking success that was 2010-20. It has been the best year for us in football terms. Three championship seasons brought us to the top of Victoria’s Australia football pyramid. the National Premier League One (NPL1). Under the leadership of the long-standing coach of the senior team, Jimmy Williams, the Senior team reached the top in 2020.

The reason for the longevity of the senior team is a constant philosophy. Since the beginning, when Brian Trevenna, John Wren and John John Wren got together to play the wonderful game, Eastern Lions have prided in bringing people together. This idea is still a common thread that unites the entire club, from board members to players, coaches and juniors, as well as fans and parents. This idea of teamwork and unity that makes the club the most admired club across the region and which will lead the club to an exciting future.



The Eastern Lions Soccer Club is an established soccer club that is a community-based one located within Burwood, Melbourne. We have more than 20 teams playing in the Junior, Senior and Mini Roo leagues within the South-East zone.

Our Philosophy

“To provide the best possible environment for the development of soccer within our region.” Our Junior Soccer Club consists of girls and boys age 5 to 18 who play at various different levels in the Football Federation of Victoria.
Eastern Lions Junior Soccer Club gives young players the following:

  • Top-quality training facilities for instructors

  • Highly motivated, qualified and experienced soccer coaches that use the most effective soccer drills

  • The Summer School is a program that’s run to assist players during the off-season.

  • The focus is on player development, growth and team spirit

  • A well-organized soccer training program that offers a path for players to reach the highest possible levels


Vision Statement

Over the last 50 years in the past 50 years, over the past 50 years, Eastern Lions Soccer Club has been a champion of junior teams across all age groups to ensure that each member of our society is not just given the chance to train with our FFA qualified and certified coaches on a regular basis, but play their sport every week during games to boost their skills and enjoy the game they love so much.


We offer age- and ability-appropriate sessions for all genders , which keep up with the ever-changing developments in the game of today and implementing our enthusiasm with our values, beliefs and strong convictions that the sport is a way to teach the fundamentals of life and respect for allplayers, as well as the skills that are learned in the field.


The game , in its most pure form is the ultimate teacher. The committed coaches and staff in our famous club perform an integral role in helping every junior achieves their potential within a safe and secure environment, while simultaneously enjoying their successes, both as a group and as individuals , before starting their lives either within or in the real world of football.

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