Your vehicle faces a huge amount of damaging forces every time you take it on the road. Some results are noticeable, like chips and dents from rocks and other road debris or even dings and scratches from neighboring cars in a parking lot. Others are so small you don’t notice them until the effects add up, like swirl marks from washing, small scratches from dust, etching from acid contaminants and fading from exposure to UV rays. To protect your investment, Fresh Car Detailing offers two options: paint protection film and Nano Ceramic Coating. Both can shield your car from the elements, but how do you know which is right for you? Here is a simple guide.

Paint Protection Film is a high-tech urethane film that adheres to exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Because of its composition, paint protection film not only shields your vehicle from damage like scratches, chips, etching and fading, it can also self-heal. This means that the scratches it takes literally vanish as the substance returns to its original state.

Nano Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that can be applied to your vehicle’s surfaces — interior, exterior, even upholstery, glass and carpet. It chemically bonds with the surface, protecting it and adding the ability to shed water. It’s this hydrophobic quality that gives Nano Ceramic Coating its main advantage. By shedding water and debris, it cuts down on stains, etch marks and corrosion. It also makes your vehicle easier to clean.

Why Not Both? As you can see, paint protection film and Nano Ceramic Coating offer an array of benefits, some overlapping and some not. The good news is that you don’t have to choose. You can get both paint protection film and Nano Ceramic Coating to give your vehicle the best of both worlds. In fact, Nano Ceramic Coating can extend the life of your paint protection film, ensuring you get plenty of mileage out of it. At Fresh Car detailing, we love working with customers’ cars, making them look and feel amazing. If you would like to learn more about the protective services available for your vehicle, just contact us today.


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